Thursday, January 14, 2010

A quick update...

Thanks for all of the well wishes for my son. He is doing much better now. I think the worst for this round is behind us but he is going to have to get his wisdom teeth done dental expense is crazy. Even with insurance it sure is alot a dough..
I do have pictures of my projects I will post my progress (or lack of ) as soon as I get the pics downloaded.
We are finally having a bit of a warm up and things are melting...Hooray! for now. I hope we have a nice steady melt cuz if not...we gonna have a flood. TaTa for now...

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  1. Hi Blyn, just working on the Totally Useless SAL member list ... could you pop over to the blog and give me a little better geographic location than the whole state of SD please. I need to know where to put my pin in the map. Thanks


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