Sunday, November 1, 2009

...since I REALLY struggle adding pictures ..

I thought that it would be easier to post these in another post. Here is the Halloween exchange that I received from Cindy D. What a cute witch and the fabric matches. She also sent along great goodies... I think it is all awesome! I will show what I sent to my person next. ....

I'm a little behind in posting these...

I wanted to show some of the things that I have received recently from the Hooked on Exchanging blog. This was the Autumn needle roll that I received from Diana. The specialty stitching and finishing are beautiful. Thank you so much Diana. I love it. It was my very first exchange and it was so much fun. Here is the autumn needleroll that I sent to Ina. This was also my first finish as a needleroll. I really enjoyed it. I love finishing things and trying new techniques.

What do a monkey a zookeeper

and a tiger have in common...why its Halloween at my house! We love halloween! We decorated the porch in our traditional skelaton decor! We played scary music and it was such fun. We have lots of trick or treaters and the weather here in South Dakota was but not cold so we were getting worried that we hadn't purchased enough candy, we only had a few pieces left.(I am sure they won't go to waste) Here's my littly monkey. His daddy was , of course the zookeeper and mommy a tiger. What a zoo!