Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I think that I have pictures...off we go...

First we have a picture of the wonderful exchange piece that I received from April. It is awesome as you can see. I wish that I had a better quality of the picture. I am forever struggling with that darn camera.

This is the pinkeep that I sent for the Birdie exchange. 
Next is pictures of my WIP. "And to all a good Night" blackbird designs.This has been such a great stitch.  The actual color is much closer to the first.
One day we went to the zoo... my Niece Alex (8) and my great nephew Micah (3) and great neice Madison (5). They were very cooperative and took this nice picture by the Jaguar. And here is my grandson (newly 3) He did not want to take a picture by the Jaguar so he was pouting on the grass. Not typical. He is usually so happy to have a picture taken.
Moving on...Here he is much happier.
I love these last 3 pictures..just a happy summer day at Gramma's watering the garden..and Gramma with the water guns. He is so cute. Happy Stitching I am off to finish my WIP...Gotta start the fall stuff!

I received the cutest little birdie..

from my exchange and I haven't been able to post a picture. My camera will not let me transfer pictures to the computer. I don't know what the heck the problem is now but I am sorry to April because I don't have a picture. It's so cute.. I will keep working on the problem.

This last two weeks has been really traumatic. My little grandson turned 3 yrs old (good thing). Jackson got a terrible cough. Friday (13th) it is supposedly the croop. Sunday 8/15 was his Birthday. Really bad cough. I think that he still had fun but Monday we find out he has pneumonia. I took a couple of days off of work to keep him so Mommy and Daddy could work. Then Mommy gets it and Daddy too. PaPa managed to get it but Gramma so far so good.  We finally got over that and this morning my DIL rolled her grand Cherokee. I am so thankful to say that Jack and Katie are both ok..but that was one scary phone call. They rolled over a couple of times down an embankment off of a gravel road. THANK God that car was sturdy and HE was with them. Whew...that was a close one as my grandson likes to say. He also said he was hanging like a monkey in a tree. They landed upside down in a grove of trees. Everyone in SEAT BELTs hallelujah I am sure that saved them from being badly injured. Well... all seems okay tonight. Car is totalled but that is easily replaced.  I will work on pictures and hopefully post them tonight or tomorrow. I have much progress on my "and to all a good night." I love it. Starting on some fall goodies next. I love Fall! Favorite time of year for me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A great giveaway from one of my favorite designers..

Blue Ribbon Designs. It's really wonderful..check it out HERE!  I would love to win. I might even have to sew up a pouch or two myself. I had to go order the pattern for the pouch I love Lazy Girl Designs.
I hope to post pictures soon of my progress on All through the Night it is coming along nicely. I have also started to stitch some fall goodies. My favorite time of the year is coming up! I LOVE FALL! Its awesome. Take care...Happy Stitches!