Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some exchange and stitchy stuff (lots of pics)

I received a wonderful exchange from Christina on the Holiday Exchanges. I absolutely love it. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved small things. I recieved the most beautiful little Easter Ornament. It is beautifully stitched and the beadwork is awesome. I LOVE it. I have it right by my stitching chair so I can look at it. The front has a cute little bunny and flower with the date, the back says Easter Blessings. I also got some extras...Cadbury eggs.. yum..Easter eggs, DMC threads and an adorable springy bag..Thank you so much!

See I told you its adorable!
Next up is my March LK Monthly. At least I am posting it in the correct month! Thought I would just go ahead and post Aprils so that I am actually ahead of the that even possible. 
I made this as a flatfold. It has an opening in the bottom to insert a little plastic L-shaped thing.
I don't know if everyone has seen these but I think that they are awesome especially for monthly type things. You can just pull that out and insert it ino the next months and the others will store flat. I really like it. I hope you can see it in the picture. I tried to get a close up but its clear. They come in 2 sizes. Great find!
Here is April...I really like making these little triangles.
I just realized that my Easter Exchange partner has received her package so I will post my pictures here.
I stitched 3 eggs from Homespun Elegance. I finished them as little egg pillows. It was my partners first exchange so I wanted it to be special for her. I also included some extra things some hazelnut chocolate carrots, some beads some fabric and a little kit from Bent Creek, Life is Good. i found a relly pretty box from our local Michaels. It looked like spring and held everything perfectly. Fun to do!~
The top one I rouched chocolate ribbon for trim. It really turned out awesome. The blue one I had the perfect piece of old lace, same color as the bunny and the green one I had a very old piece of green ric rack that was the perfect color. I used wool for the back sides. I  think I might have to do them again.

I think this one is my favorite. Pink and brown!

The box and now I am done. Wow...lotsa pictures.!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Has this ever happened to you...

okay I can't be the only one who falls down. I got up for work yesterday. I get all ready plenty of time. Look good...gather all of my belonging and step outside. It is raining so I am going to use that as my excuse. I go down the problem...but as I am turning the corner to go around my hubbys PT Cruiser to get to my car. WHAM. I miss step off the edge of driveway and down I go. I hit my head on the bumper of DH car and knock myself out. I come to because I cannot breath. I landed on my fist, on my boob..and the wind is completely knocked out of my lungs. I am gasping for air...thinking how am I going to reach my phone before I die. Remember it is raining(pouring now) I finally get to sit up and start breathing better. NO One is that good or bad...I get myself back into the house. I am soaked, purse full of water. I look like a drowned rat.  I have to call into work and tell them I have a concussion, hurt my wrist, knee, pinkie(bleeding) and somehow have jammed my shoulder and cannot lift my arm. Now..I am feeling better although the doc said I couldn't drive for 48hrs because of concussion. So I have to miss work again. I have another doc appt tomorrow at 4. I hope they can tell me about my shoulder. My DH smart arse that he is ...says I need life alert..I have fallen and I can't get up...all I can do is agree...and laugh. Hopefully I can stitch..I have 2 exchanges coming up! Why do I procrastinate.....

On a happy has finally warmed up and we seem to be out of the deep freeze. I can actually see grass! Green Grass! I wanted to post this beautiful tree that had frost all over it from the freezing fog that we had one day. It is so beautiful one of my favorite parts of winter.  Hope that I gave you a chuckle today and hope to be more attentive to my blog. Till next time happy stitching!

Where did February go??

Oh my goodness...does life get in the way of everybodies blogging. I have been so busy! I know everybody says this but I work in accounting and this is a really busy time of year so I haven't gotten much stitching done. Since this is a stitching blog(supposedly) I haven't posted. I do have a couple of updates. I stitched a valentine for the Holiday Exchanges group and I wanted to post a picture here..this is what I sent to my partner..
Ironically it is "Sew Blue" a freebie from Carol @ Istitch. It just looked like Valentines to me without being over the top"hearts" so you could keep it out all the time if you like. It was great to stitch.
I also finally found my February Lizzie Kate. I cannot believe that I misplaced it for so long. February is over. I do have March's almost finished. I will show you soon. Here is February.
Well I have a story to tell ya...Has this ever happened to you?
I think I will post it all by itself..stay tuned.