Sunday, January 31, 2010


I finally feel like I made some progress..I have some pictures to show you. I think when the sun finally decided to show it's bright happy gave me some needed energy! Mind you it is FREEEEZZZZZING! I think that our high for today will be 12...brrrr, but the sun sure is welcome! :0)
I also enjoy embroidery and make alot of stitched pillows and small framed things for my booth. Hopefully I will get them sewed up and there by Tuesday to sell or whats the point...right?

The next embroidered piece I am going to keep, it took forever. The date on it when I started was 2004..LOL! I should put a finished date...six years not bad  awfully slow. I had most of it finished just lacked the alphabet. I am going to frame it. It is pretty large. 14 x14.

Then I made a wool appliqued piece for a friend for Valentines.

This is much more primitive in  person ..must be the picture taker!!

close ups...

Now for some stiching. I have a Valentines that I can't wait to show you has to get to my exchange partner first! .. I am making progress on my Blackbird "Where my Heart Blooms".

Wow..that house has alot of stitches. There is a problem but we'll talk about that later. :( I will press on.
I also stitched this cute snowman..Pattern is from Curtis Boehringer. I stitched it on an 11count and plan to make a stand up. We'll see.

I am so proud of myself...some WIP's done(stitched)! (finishing to come)
I also finished my Lizzie Kate for February...I put it away for safe keeping and I connot find it. I will keep looking hopefully I can find before February!
Have a great week thanks for the comments and visits...they really make my day!


  1. You have been really busy. Those stitcheries are just gorgeous and your snowman is tooo cute.

  2. EVERYTHING is gorgeous! You have some very talented and busy needles!!!


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