Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stupid snow storm...

Don't get me wrong...I really love snow. Its one the reasons we moved here. I love to be hunkered down, bundled up and stitching in my nice warm home! But not 18"+ at Christmas so no one can travel. We are not going to be able to go to parents for Christmas and my Son, DIL and Grandson won't be able to come here Christmas morning. I am bummed. Grampa and I went today before the storm started and took all of the presents, our traditional Christmas morning breakfast casserole and Christmas dinner to the kids.  I know that it is only one day and we can celebrate a different day but I am so so bummed. I just thought it might help to get on here and whine a little bit. I will miss seeing my sister and her family from WY and my brother was coming from Phoenix but he can't make it either...  :(...stupid, stupid snow storm. They are actually predicting the storm of the decade, maybe the worst storm Eastern South Dakota has ever seen. I really hope that doesn't happen. We are definitely gonna have a very white Christmas!

I hope your Christmas..wherever you are is Merry and Bright!


  1. I like snow but not when it totally messes up your Christmas! I hope you have a happy Christmas anyway.

  2. Sorry about your plans. Be blessed that your family will be safe. your snowman stitching is so cute.

  3. Thanks for cheering me up girls! I have just about left the pity party.

  4. J'espère que votre Noël s'est quand même bien passé...
    Quel est le nom et le créateur de cette si jolie broderie ?

  5. En parcourant le blog, j'ai ma réponse à la question !


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