Sunday, December 6, 2009

Merry Christmas All! Lotsa pictures..

It's not exactly tomorrow..but oh well. I wanted to finish posting pictures of my decorating and some new stitching pictures.. I haven't finished all of them completely but all of them are recently finished stitchings. I had so many wips..I just had to get to stitching. When I get on this darn computer and start reading all of your wonderful blogs I get lost and get nothing done. On to the pics. Remember I am not claiming to be a good photo taker...but here they are..
This is for my sister. She was born on Thanksgiving in I stitched this for her big 40!

This is my tree skirt that I made. I still have to finish the tree appliques.

My tree...

I had previously posted this Merry Christmas and have ordered the frame (a shabby white one) but it hasn't arrived I just hung it as is...ready for the frame.

This is a seed cabinet that I have had it!

and close up of Santa..

another Santa..

Now..since we are a stitching blog..
this is for my sis for Christmas..A Lizzie Kate design with a great
coffee bean backing fabric which I did not take pic of..I think I will add
some ricrak to the edges and get a great easel for it to sit on..

Love this cabinet that my father made for me last Christmas. It is awesome!
Design is from Bent Creek (I know it an oldie but I always wanted to stitch it)

I must be in a Bent Creek frame of mind. I really like their designs.
This is Yule.

This design is from Homespun Elegance. Delivering Snow.  I finished it into a great stand up box with
little feet I love the fabric on the back.

and last but not least for today is from my fave..Blackbird Designs..
Peace on Earth , Loose Feathers #28 with recommended fabric and threads.
I really had to worry if my circle was going to meet up on the trip around but it turned out really well.
I have ordered a frame but haven't gotten it yet and I will have to show
it again with the frame but was so excited just to finish it.

Okay I have over loaded my blog with pictures. I hope some people come to visit!
Please leave a comment I would love that...thanks Blyn


  1. You have some nice stitched projects. I love the turkeys. What pattern is that?? I have never seen that one. The cabinet your dad made is great. Your house looks pretty.

  2. Thank you Cindy. It is from Bent Creeks Autumn Snapperland..Turkey Farm. It was a quick stitch. Blessings Blyn


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