Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blizzard of '09

that is what the news media has dubbed our storm. I think that this will be the most snow at one time that we have ever seen. We only came to South Dakota in 1991. It used to be the Halloween snow storm of 91 but I think this storm will overtake the title. We are completely ringed in by snow There is about a 4-5 foot drift all around the house and they say we will have over 20" by the time its over.  All of our interstates are closed and we are staying put! Obviously I have nothing better to do than blog. Ho~Ho~Ho! Here's the latest pictures. The vehicles look like Rhinos with horns.

We just ate the breakfast casserole..and I think I will start a new stitching project in honor of the "Christmas Blizzard of '09! Wow...crazy.  

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