Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well that was stupid!

I had a wonderful post all typed up...went to preview it and !POOF! ...Where in the heck did it go???? Oh well...here we go again.

I have been so busy! I know that it is no excuse for a lack of posting, I will try to be better..post more often.

I have been very busy. 1st..Jacksons 2nd Birthday! Wow..time flies seems like yesterday he was just that little baby. Now 2 years old!!

What a Cutie pie! Then our son (Jacks daddy) Jasons 25th birthday! Hubbys Birthday is next week...wow! We went to Johnny Carinos for Jasons Birthday...love love love the Italian Chocolate Cake!! Never had that before and wow was it good! Maybe Hubby has to go there for his Birthday too!

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