Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beautiful Sunday!

What a great day! I have been sitting in my stitching to set up this blogging thing. Wow...there is a lot to this blogging. I had such high ambitions and lofty goals when I got up this morning. I love how the day just slips away and ...oops I have been sitting here all day with my laptop taking up all of the day!

I suppose that I am re-cooperating from yesterday. I am so happy there is no evidence or pictures...I am not a skinny girl. I am comfortable with myself but by no stretch of the imagination could I be considered skinny...anyhoo..I digress. Friends called early yesterday and said "let's take the boat to the lake." What a great idea! a fun day at the lake with friends. I look like I have been beaten with a stick..or maybe a bat. We thought it would be a great idea to ride the tube and let our husbands be in the boat by themselves with the controls and the throttle....bad decision. We were going along great until they decided (amongst themselves) to go faster and whip us across the wakes. We held on as long as possible...I didn't realize how much muscle it take to go tubing. We hung on with all of our might. Eventually we were thrown head over heels into the lake. My bathing suit bottoms ended up around my ankles and today...I can hardly move my body from sitting to standing every muscle I have hurts. We continued to put ourselves in harms way because .....the next impossible task is to get out of the lake and into the boat. This is an extremely hard thing to do when your arms feel like jelly and your wearing a life vest and well....I am sure you get the picture. The boys were wishing they had remembered the video camera and I am so glad that Sandy "forgot" the video camera! Smart girl.

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